Way for Sponsors to Connect with Charities

Poverty, illiteracy, ill health, and child abuse are just a few things that are making this world hollow from within. If we start counting things that negatively impact our earth and humanity at large, then we might just go on and on. In this mad race, where everyone’s busy providing for themselves and their family, there seems to be less time left to think about others – especially the less fortunate people in this world.

Thankfully, there are charities run by some really good people who dare to look beyond their needs and attempt to hope in other people’s lives. For them, the family is not who are related to them by blood, but everyone who is human becomes a part of their large family.

Charities around the world work relentlessly to connect with sponsors, who help them to bring clean drinking water and food to people living in refugee camps, empower women, liberate children from child abuse and give them a bright future, free education and right to lead a healthy life.

Sponsoring companies also benefit from associating with charities as this helps them contribute to good causes. This helps them in building brand loyalty and free promotion. One such charity that has gained a lot of popularity for its out-of-the-box popularity is Pixhug. This is a social change platform that aims to add a purpose to photo sharing and getting Likes.

Whenever someone likes on a photo that you have posted on Pixhug, the sponsoring company will pay 10 cents to the charity selected by you. These charities help people in need in the third world countries. So, you don’t need to have money to be able to donate for a noble cause. Watch this Pixhug video to learn more about how Pixhug works.

As you can see this is a mutually beneficial association. Whenever you post a photo on Pixhug, it is automatically posted on your Facebook wall as both are integrated. Every photo posted by you promotes the charity as well as the sponsors. So, it is a great way for all to get noticed and raise money to help the less fortunate people. Sponsors can also connect with them via Pixhug – blogger profile .

Download the Pixhug app on your iPhone today and watch your ‘Likes’ transform into donations. No happiness can be greater than knowing that you are able to do something to bring a ray of hope in the lives of those who are shrouded by darkness in life.